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What is going on with Hillary Clinton’s surrogates? Between Andrew Young, Gloria Steinem and Bob Johnson, they’ve been doing a lor more harm than good. None of those artless endorsements comes close to the shrillness of the New York State chapter of the National Organization of Women’s tirade, which calls liberal stalwart Ted Kennedy a Read More

We like to think of Christopher Hitchens as our surly, crotchety uncle. You know, if our uncle were a chain-smoking, ruddy-faced Englishman with a penchant for hyperbole and who was constitutionally incapable of being nice. In Crusty Uncle Chris’s latest diatribe, he argues that no one should be surprised at Bill Clinton’s playing the race Read More

Christine Beatty stepped down yesterday. No surprise there. “I painfully regret the devastation that the recent reports have caused to the citizens of Detroit, to my coworkers, to the mayor’s family and to my family and friends,” she said in a statement (you can read it in full here.) Kwame Kilpatrick, for his part, seems Read More

No Chitchat Between Clinton and Obama Laurie Kellerman, Associated Press WASHINGTON — So close, yet so far away — and so bitter. Rival Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama came within a foot of each other just before President Bush’s State of the Union speech Monday night and managed not to acknowledge each other, Read More

In its attempts to meet its recruitment goals during an unpopular war, the U.S. Army has trimmed its recruitment goals to attract prospective soldiers. No big whoop, right? Well, according to Slate‘s Fred Kaplan, quoting a study by the National Priorities Project, the Army is increasingly turning to kids without high school diplomas — and Read More

  I was thinking about Stacia’s post on the “Black Audit” of the Oscars. I’ve tried to make a list to count how nominations for Oscar went to African-Americans (I keep losing count at around forty). Dave Chapelle once joked that incontrovertible proof of the entertainment industry’s back-asswardness on race could be found in the Read More

I remember it well, the year the Academy Awards got too Black for comfort. Some might say it was 2002, the landmark year that Whoopi Goldberg hosted, Denzel finally won his long-deserved Best Actor statuette (for Training Day), Halle Berry became the first black Best Actress for Monster’s Ball, Will Smith was nominated for Ali, Read More

We’ll be hosting a running season-long discussion of the final 10 episodes of HBO’s incomparably dope drama, The Wire. Spoilers. It’s time Jamie Hector, the actor who playes Marlo, got some long-overdue props — the final shot of last night’s episode was terrifying.

Melissa Harris-Lacewell, the Princeton professor who wrote that Slate piece that aimed to rally Negroes around Obama like Thundercats, penned another piece for the online magazine, this time asserting that black folks were mistaken about their good fortunes during the Clinton administration. The stat she uses for this is, well, weird.

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