Kilpatrick Apologizes.




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  • i tell folks to see how it plays out. i give him props. good idea to bring the wife in. he has not confessed but apologize for one mistake. i wonder which one.

    i can’t front. i support him and look forward to meeting him (one of the plans i made when we moved to the mid west). as a married brother with babies, i have to say he is doing the right thing.

    call me crazy or naive but i know of two other notable political figures who did much worse than he did and have continued their political careers with no haps. i hope the same can happen to him.

  • slb

    I would just like to say that I find this apology tape unintentionally humorous from the very first lip-lick to the emphatic way he says, “I’ll see you at WORK tomorrow.”

    There’s oh, so much more to be pinpointed. But I’ll wait for a few other people to chime in before I start ticking things off.

  • His corruption makes me think of The Wire. Former mayor Royce and his corruption. In fact, if you watch The Wire’s past seasons and listen to their commentaries, the writers say they dumb down the corruption because life is difficult to believe. Well, all the stuff stemming from Kilpatrick actually makes The Wire’s political corruption substories seem tame – and lends credibility to the Wire’s writers. Indeed, life is stranger than fiction.