When Afrocentric Art Goes Wrong.

The Poet And The POTUS Share A Post-Coital Embrace Amidst A Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape, Your Cousin, 2014

Most art historians consider this the most exemplary piece in Your Cousin’s red period. Nonetheless, many feel that her other pieces — most notably Michelle Obama Rubbing Amiri Baraka’s Feet After An Asteroid Impact — are [...]

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When Afrocentric Art Goes Wrong: In The Name Of The Father, The Son, The Earth, The Wind, The Fire.


Verily I say unto thee: Whilst thou be dancing in September?

For Your Consideration: Ola Ray’s ‘Remember.’


Remember Ola Ray, the pretty brown girl from Michael Jackson’s crazy famous ‘Thriller’ video? Well, she’s not as brown anymore — and she’s apparently lost her damn mind. [...]



Leonard Cooper of Little Rock, Arkansas is living black history every day. [...]

Django Unchained: The 80′s NBC Sitcom.

Sure. Why not? [...]

Forgotten Kwanzaa Principles.


Because the ancestors were ratchet.


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In Search of Peak Blackness.

A young Muhammad Ali sings with Sam Cooke.

After we posted that insane picture of Jesse Jackson ballin’ out with Marvin Gaye the other day and dubbed it a contender for peak blackness,  the homie Rembert Browne of Grantland decided to hit a few of us up — Ernest Wilkins of the Chicago Tribune, Cord [...]