Super-Predators, ‘Wilding,’ and the Central Park Five.

By Guest Contributor MK, cross-posted from Prison Culture with permission. On April 19, 1989, a young woman who was jogging through Central Park in New York City was found badly beaten. She had also been raped.

I have written briefly about the case before in comparing it to Scottsboro. However, I want to return to [...]

Any C.E.O. Will Do, Really.

America never seems to suffer from a lack of corporate types — Ross Perot, Mitt Romney, Meg Whitman, Linda McMahon, etc. — who seem to think their boardroom expertise will translate into political success and effective policy. This may not make a whole lot of sense — there are constraints and concerns [...]

Shutting the Rubber Rooms.

Ed. Note: I’m guest-blogging at The American Prospect this week. This post is cross-posted from TAPPED.

Yesterday, New York City finally shuttered its notorious “rubber rooms,” the Kafkaesque solution devised by officials to deal with teachers who were deemed unfit to remain in classrooms but, armed with tenure, were essentially unfireable. Suspended [...]

NYC’s Paid Sick Time Act Doesn’t Help Women (Much).

Late last year, I blogged about the NYC Paid Sick Time Act for TAPPED. At the time, the city council bill was being framed as a public health issue, post-H1N1 and seasonal influenza scares.

Currently in committee after being revised, the bill is modeled on a San Francisco ordinance that provides paid sick time [...]

RIP Percy Sutton.

Shamefully enough, I had no clue who Percy Sutton was or why he was important until I stumbled across his obituary on page 3A of my local newspaper.

And though I’m usually wary of venturing into hyperbole, the Rev. Al Sharpton is not too far off in summing up the incredibly interesting and distinctive life [...]

The Fishing Hole on Delancey.

I, like many of us here at PB, love This American Life. Last week’s episode was a repeat of one that I missed when it aired a year ago: “Got You Pegged.” Like most TAL episodes, they pick one theme and tell a few stories that fit into that theme. The episode description calls it: [...]

Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: In memory of The Anchorman

I apologize for the delay. The dog ate my homework. I had a death in the family. I got caught in traffic. And then my car broke down. But, as President Obama told us last week, “no excuses”:

Without further delay, your PostBourgie-approved reading material from the weekend:

As a native Houstonian, I feel [...]

Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: Never Can Say Goodbye.

Don Cornelius would like a word with you. Don’t make any dinner plans. In the meantime, your Post-Bourgie-approved reading material from the weekend:

1. Of course, homage must be paid to the King of Pop. But we will try to spare you from the overkill. Check out some really good write-ups here, here, here, [...]