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When I say I hate you… this is what I mean. Well, first, let me clarify:  I hate bad spoken word.  The “I’m deep by sound and headwrap and ankh tattoo alone” spoken word.  The “as long as I say something about Africa, this is a good poem” spoken word.  The affected cadence.  The wildly Read More

I will admit that I have not always been nice to Lisa Raye.  She’s probably a great person.  Likely a good mom.  She’s absolutely stunning.  But her acting is BALLS.  It is absolute balls.  It’s a basket of balls (see: Single Ladies). But I’m going to stop being so hard on her about it because Read More

Adam Mansbach‘s accidental  hit, Go the Fuck to Sleep, gets the perfect narrator for its audiobook: Samuel L. Jackson.

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