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If you missed it, President Obama gave remarks and took questions this morning at a retreat for Senate Democrats. You can watch the full video here. Unlike last week’s session with House Republicans, there wasn’t anything particularly exciting or noteworthy to come out of the event, but I did think Obama was right to argue Read More

In the midst of a lengthy Facebook debate about the State of the Union address,  one of my old high school classmates encouraged me to share the following video with my friends. Actually, he said, “This is something every black american needs to know.” We’ll see about that: I don’t know about you, but those Read More

As much as I like President Obama, my initial response to last night’s State of the Union was fairly tepid, if not a little hostile, “Show me some progress and then, maybe then, I’ll be a bit less cynical and a bit more hopeful.” I stand by that. This isn’t a new observation, but right now, Read More

There’s been plenty of fun made on the intertubes of the GOP relaunch of their site. Marc Ambinder gave us 10 reasons why the site was ‘fizzlin’;’ Greg Saunders at The Talent Show rounded up all the banner images, which gives us some insight into the demographics the party is going after; Sam Stein at Read More

Believe it or not, I’ve been known to be a jackass. Ask anyone who had the misfortune of knowing me in college. Or a couple years ago. I really hope President Obama isn’t asked about it anytime soon: Anyway, lots of things have happened since our last Monday roundup. Here’s a few of them, a Read More

(cross-posted at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen and U.S. of J.) Generally, I’m loath to give the Bush administration credit for much of anything, but if there is one thing they got right, it’s in their approach to passing legislation.  President Bush and his advisers realized, correctly, that the partisan make-up of any given vote Read More

Because of technical difficulties and an unusually busy work day, this almost became Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup. Sorry I’m late again. Your PostBourgie-approved weekend reading material: First things first, Stacia, one of our co-bloggers, is writing a novel and posting a chapter a day at her personal blog. What is this space for, if not Read More

Ned: One of the biggest reasons I voted for Obama was because I thought he was more likely than McCain to accept the Constitutional limitations on his presidency. One of the 800 or so crises we’re currently facing is a serious weakening of the rule of law thanks to the Bush administration’s adoption of the Read More

Ezra thinks so. Out in Alaska, Mark Begich has taken the lead from Ted Stevens, and as Dave Weigel notes, he looks likely to keep it. If Begich and Franken both win their late races, that brings Democrats to 59 in the Senate, including Joe Lieberman. And then there’s the Martin/Chambliss run-off, which could bring Read More