Phylicia Barnes and the Black Girl’s Burden.

Phylicia Barnes

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I was home for the holidays when Phylicia Barnes went missing. My immediate family—all women, now four generations deep, with the birth of my daughter—huddled around the small kitchen TV, listening to local news anchors explain the facts surrounding Barnes’ disappearance: black high school honors [...]

Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: A drinkable moment

If this post from Thomas Lifton passes for true American Thought, then we’re all doomed: “I think this photo constitutes another major Obama blunder. As some AT commentators point out, this picture becomes a metaphor for ObamaCare.” A former colleague once told me, “Blackink, don’t argue with logic. Because logic will argue with you.” Truer [...]

RIP, Mr. Cronkite.

Walter Cronkite died today at the age of 92. According to CBS News, he was at the tail end of the evening broadcast when the station received word that King had been assassinated.

Barraging the Bereaved.

A couple of years ago, after my dad died, my mom started to get calls from the last of his remaining credit cards about his unresolved debt. They had declared bankruptcy a few years before, but apparently he still had a card from a home shopping network with a $500 limit.

My [...]