Blogging Real Housewives of Atlanta: Episode 2 – Excess Breeds Success.

I watch this stuff so you don’t have to.  You’re welcome.

So.  The episode begins with Nene showing us just how little she knows about history.  Invited to appear in a gay pride parade, she talks about her love for the gay community, saying:  “I love the gays.  You know, they invented everything.  Nail polish and weaves and earrings and how to walk–gays have invented it all!”

Wrong, wrong, wrongity wrong.  Everybody knows that nail polish was invented by Flo Jo, weaves were invented by Pam from Martin, earrings were invented by that girl from LL Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl” video, and how to walk was invented by God via evolution.  Get it together, Nene.

Props to Nene for including her teenage son, Brentt, in the parade.  Jeers to her for adding an extra T to the end of his name.  Why did that happen?

Cut scene to a casual gathering of Kandi, Phaedra, and new housewife (who–surprise!–isn’t an actual housewife) Kenya Moore, who have apparently gathered to have a bite and spill some tea.  It’s Phaedra and Kenya’s first meeting, so of course Phaedra comments on Kenya’s ‘big ole faaawnky booty’ (not funky, but faawwwnky), as she is wont to do, and made this face.

Kenya proceeds to tell the ladies about a little tiff she had with Cynthia at a recent search for Jet’s newest Beauty of the Week.  If you missed it, Kenya was more or less rude as all hell to the young ladies who were there auditioning (she clearly forgot that they weren’t looking for the next Vogue cover model, but someone for the last freaking page of Jet Magazine).  Kenya throws Cynthia under the bus, which was unfair because Kenya was in the wrong, but it was oh so fun to watch.  I’m very much into this Kenya vs. Cynthia subplot they editors are laying out for us.

Sweetie’s back after being fired by Kim last season.  This scene finds her sitting opposite Kim in a big red throne looking thing, and with an upgraded wig.  Know what this reminds me of?  When Denny’s got sued for being racist, so to prove they weren’t they put kente cloth designs on all the seats and pictures of Martin Luther King up all over the walls (that wasn’t just in Kentucky, was it?).  Anyway, Kim is talking to Sweetie about how she’s homeless because she can’t find somebody to buy the house that she may or may not have owned in the first place or something.  To be honest, Kim’s story is boring the hair off my nipples this season, so I wasn’t really paying attention.

Next we get a sneak peek of the questionable decisions that Kenya’s ovaries seem to be making in their quest to get knocked up.  Kenya is talking to her aunt, the woman who raised her, about her current beau, Walter.  Aunt is like, ‘when am I gonna meet this dude?’ and Kenya’s all, ‘after I get engaged!’ and Aunt is like, ‘dude, wtf?’ and Kenya’s like ‘you always hate my boyfriends!’

…So in delaying them meeting until you get engaged, Auntie won’t be able to dislike him?  This reeks of “don’t say anything to ruin this for me until I get pregnant.”  Somebody is so starved for sperm she can’t even think straight.

That did not come out the way I intended.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, Phaedra, Cynthia and Nene meet up at a gym for a workout that includes drinking sparkling water and not sweating at all.  As @kiajd pointed out, everybody’s hair is just a little *too* together for that to have been an actual workout.  While taking an unnecessary break, Cynthia points out that the Leakes-Bailey friendship contract requires at least three (3) Nene themed gatherings per year, and they’re 3 behind filling the quota.  Nene, ever humble, declines having the event be for/about her, and instead suggests having it in honor of all the women who independent.  Throw your hands up at her accordingly.    In spite of their tiff, Cynthia agrees to invite Kenya, and in spite of their years of tiffing, Nene acquiesces to inviting Kim.

Before we leave this scene, can we get a moment to appreciate Dexter, the ladies’ trainer?

Thank you.

Next, we get to see the guy that Kenya is trying to baby daddify, and I swear I saw him on a Duke box or two back in the day.  He and Kenya meet to have a few drinks and discuss the health of her ovum.  Kenya asks Walter if he ever dated anyone she knew, he tells her that he asked Kandi out once, and she completely overreacts.  Because, you know, when you love someone, it’s your responsibility to never date or be attracted to anyone else even when you’re single and free to do whatever the hell you want to do.

The episode’s climax is when Cynthia and Kenya have words at their no-drama female empowerment mixer.  It basically went like this:

Cynthia:  Hey everybody, thanks so much for coming to this event that I put together!
Cynthia:    …
Kenya:  Oh hey, Nene, listen, I wanted to say that I hate your friend, but I hope we can still be friends, k?
Cynthia: B’GOCK!

And so on.

Next episode:  More clucking!  Can’t wait!

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  • T.

    LMAO! great recap, this is quicker/easier/funnier than watching the show myself :)

  • heyerinevans

    Nice recap. Someone said Mrs. Bozack’s boo was a light-skinned Frank Mitchell. That box haircut is so Moesha.

    Wait, OMG, he looks just like Artur Davis!!!!!!!!!

  • Since I got a shout out I feel like I must add my reflections here as well:

    – I thought we were supposed to pronounce the extra T in Brentt’s name kind of like I imagine Madea would.
    -All jokes aside, Nene is actually pretty good in the New Normal. I’m quite surprised.
    – Kenya kills me because she’s still driving off of her Miss USA win in 1993. Dawg, I wasn’t even on my period in ’93. She should be forbidden from ever bringing that up. In a way, everybody’s doing it for her since they can’t keep Miss USA straight from Miss America, Miss Universe, Miss Black Detroit, Miss Mary Mack…
    – Also… if you’re so fly and famous, why must you beg this Uncle Daddy to bless you with a ring and 23 chromosomes? Despite his insistence on rocking the rounded-corner low-top fade, dude seems pretty chill. I suspect he will soon go off in search of the next “fawnky booty”. this is Atlanta, you know?
    – Speaking of fawnky booties, Phaedra plans to add workout video to her cadre of entrepreunerial ventures. QUESTION: How do you teach people to get a big butt via working out if you got your butt from hamhocks and country mama? Shenanigans! I’m truly still awaiting Sheree’s workout tape because she actually had a fit body for her age. Alas…
    – Kim? Yawn
    – Sweetie? Double Yawn
    – Dexter? Hayboo

    • – Kenya kills me because she’s still driving off of her Miss USA win in 1993. Dawg, I wasn’t even on my period in ’93. She should be forbidden from ever bringing that up.


      (She still tough, tho.)

  • a.chigozie

    Love the ending. This was the best recap ever! hope you’re here every week until the finale :-)

  • Big Gurl

    lmao, awesome recap~

  • Love this recap, I think you definitely got the history on nail polish, weaves, and walks correct! LOL! I know they introduced Kenya because the show needed a mean girl, but two episodes in? I think Camille from Beverly Hills didn’t show her colors until episode four or five. I was only able to watch part of last Sunday’s episode because I had to finish some work at DISH. I wasn’t sure I would make it home for the re-runs so I recorded it on my DISH Hopper. There is so much DVR recording room that I’m recording the rest of the season. I love Kandi’s new house, but I hope she doesn’t use Kim’s decorator once she gets moved in.

  • belmontmedina

    Wait. I always thought it was donkey (pronounced DAWN-key + side eye) booty.