Japan one week later.

Minnesota’s lawmakers want to make it illegal for poor people to receive more than $20 cash from public assistance each month. (The initial bill would have made it illegal for poor folks to receive any cash.)

How do you change a school’s culture?

This is your War on Drugs:

An 86-year-old D.C. man got a surprise visit earlier this month. Robert Smith heard someone banging on his apartment door on Randolph Street on the evening of March 4. But before he could unlock it, a group of D.C. Police officers battered the door down and knocked Smith onto the floor.

Smith said officers quickly realized they had the wrong apartment and called for an ambulance. Doctors treated Smith for contusions to his head and back.

Why isn’t DC Comics doing a Dwayne McDuffie tribute?

Dr. Huxtable tries to punk Russell Simmons. Spurious relationships: passport ownership and diabetes. Republicans vote to defund NPR. Lots of people aren’t feeling a new version of the Bible that uses gender-neutral language.



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