All this “beiging of America stuff” — btw, have you listened to the podcast? — is muddying things for both statisticians and the government. “Under Department of Education requirements that take effect this year, for instance, any student…who acknowledges even partial Hispanic ethnicity will, regardless of race, be reported to federal officials only as Hispanic. And students of non-Hispanic mixed parentage who choose more than one race will be placed in a “two or more races” category, a catchall that detractors describe as inadequately detailed. A child of black and American Indian parents, for example, would be in the same category as, say, a child of white and Asian parents.”

More black kids are taking advanced placement classes in high school and getting credit for them, but they remain underrepresented in A.P. classes. (Related: the number of kids who are getting 1s on AP exams — the lowest possible mark — has slowly increased.)

Has Michelle Rhee been lying about how effective a teacher she was?

A feud between Malcolm X‘s daughters has kept some of his writing from being made public.

People really don’t understand what feminism is.

A lot of people suckle voraciously from the government teat, but are either ignorant or in denial.

How Japanese-American immigrants cornered the market on chick sexing.



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  • Cap’n Cisco

    I love the President and all his patience. My inner Samuel L. Jackson would have came out, “INTERRUPT ME AGAIN, I DARE YOU…”.

  • -k-

    For the love of all that’s holy, that’s the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

    Not that it’s any better to treat non-Presidents like shit, really, but we have officially lost all boundaries. I’m going to cut my old lady rant off before it really gets started, but jesus.