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  • quadmoniker

    I hate people.

  • Jasmen

    @quadmoniker Cosign.

    What the f**k and why the f**k?! Oh yeah, Liberty University is a “christian” school and was founded by Jerry Falwell…it’s starting to make sense…kinda.

  • haiba

    Apparently, excepting music videos, the Bed Intruder song was the most watched video of 2010. This is awful.

  • I don’t understand, there’s nothing about anything cheerful about this. His sister was almost raped, and it’s become a national joke. I hate people.

  • Carl

    End of Days

  • Steve

    This is even more ridiculous that its at Liberty..

    who btw are pretty amazing recruiters, back in my days as a pre-college advisor they would come for free to give super presentations and the women were drop-dead blonde bombshells. Which kinda confused me.

    But alot of my students wanted to go there, I was like umm please read the “fine print”

    • tell me more (c) Michel Martin.