The Burning Question About The ‘Color Purple’ Reunion:

Will Phonte be there?!

Twitter is all abuzz with excitement over Oprah‘s reunion of the cast of The Color Purple today, featuring everybody but Old Mister (who passed away in 1986).  When I heard that “everybody” was going to be there, I was like, “Everybody?  Like Phonte everbody?”

Yep, your friendly neighborhood Foreign Exchange rapper was one of those little bad-ass kids running around giving Celie all brands and manner of hell in Mister’s house.  Below are some pictures from the set that Phonte once shared at

Phonte, standing, gray hat

Phonte, far left

Tigallo and Nettie never paaart, ma-ki-daaaa-da

Brokey McPoverty

Brokey McPoverty, aka Tracy Clayton, is a writer and humorist from Louisville, KY. She currently writes for BuzzFeed and lives in Brooklyn. Follow her on Twitter.

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  • PBG

    I remember him saying on MySpace back in the day how much he LOVED the actress who played Nettie! He was a cute lil’ brown boy.

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  • I forgot about the other kids that were int he movie. I wish I could tell you they were there. Sorry.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • It’s really interesting to see how the careers of each actor/actress in the movie has prospered. When The Color Purple was originally released, none of the actors/actresses were popular. The success of these actors/actresses makes one wonder what movies that are currently being released today will serve as a stepping stone for today’s upcoming stars…

    • which of them are popular now, besides Whoopi and Oprah? (Danny Glover already had a thriving career at that point.)

      • Troyave

        Perhaps ‘For Colored Girls’ can serve as a stepping stone for its ensemble cast. A cast that includes Goldberg. Another movie that comes to mind includes ‘Death at a Funeral’, but that cast was populated by established stars like Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan and oddly enough, Danny Glover, whom I considered the funniest actor in that movie.

      • April

        Don’t forget Laurence (then “Larry”) Fishburne.

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