Ode to Fros

Love me some Sesame Street, I used to watch this show faithfully perched on the edge of my mom’s bed with the TV screen just inches from my face; probably why I have hawk like vision but can’t read for more than an hour at a time without my glasses.

My favorite doll from childhood (because I have new favorites in adulthood shhh) was Ernie!

So I had to I scam this gem off of my little sister’s Facebook wall. She has a fro that would rival Angela Davis’  of yester yore,easy–I’m still working on mine but it’s getting there. With so much not-so-subtle messaging through the MSM about what black girls should do with their hair other than loving it, I think this is a good look. Sure wish it came out when I was little, before my fed up Puerto Rican mommy lopped off my wild locks.

Apparently, white mothers with brown babies aren’t the only ones who would benefit from some lessons in hair care.



Naima "Nai" Ramos-Chapman is the Associate Editor at Campus Progress, a dancer with Taurus Broadhurst Dance in D.C., and an aspiring visual artist (she doodles). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Naimaramchap.
  • MoreAndAgain

    This video is too cute! I just wish I had a daughter to show it to.lol. I didn’t really care about my hair at all, when I was a little girl, until my mother had to wash it. Then, it wasn’t about hating my hair as much as it was about hating my mother for trying to comb through it.lol

  • quadmoniker

    This might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

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