Drink Responsibly, Drink Union.

Note: this dog is not drinking union.

Jake Blumgart at Campus Progress has a fun post up on drinking union-made alcohol this 4th of July:

To my knowledge, there are three major unions in the world of alcoholic beverages.

1. The United Autoworkers (UAW). Highly ironic.
2. International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAW). See above.
3. The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). Unsurprising.

The number of union made alcoholic beverages is quite extensive so I won’t attempt to list them all here. If you’d like to do more research on your own, check out UFCW’s home page. The rest of the info comes from this bizarre little website, masterminded by an International Association of Machinists member and a contributor to the far-right website WorldNet Daily. Contrary to the bird’s eye view of unionism, there are a fair number of committed conservatives in the labor movement’s rank and file.

The big surprise here is Budweiser. I’d always assumed Bud was too Red State America to be union and they also don’t feature the “Union Made” label, unlike Miller products or the Miller-brewed PBR. But it turns out Bud and Bud Light are manufactured by hard-working union members.

Good news for socially-conscious bourbon drinkers too. Almost every bourbon I’ve ever tasted has an organized workforce behind it: Knob Creek, Jim Beam, Windsor, Wild Turkey, Ancient Age, Evan Williams, Kentucky Gentleman, Old Crow, Old Fitz; the list is nearly endless. Only Jack Daniels and Makers Mark are noticeably absent. Let the Mint Juleps flow!

For gin, Seagram’s and Gilbey’s are on the level.

If you want Tequila, scrap your ideals. I’ve never even heard of Herradura Tequila, one of the few on union-made lists. That can’t be a good sign.

What ever you do, steer clear of Coors or Coors-made products (including Blue Moon). As Annika Carlson described a couple years back, they’re just plain evil when it comes to workers’ rights. The Coors family even had a hand in founding the Heritage Foundation, one of the most conservative, and most ridiculous think tanks in Washington, D.C.

Although the proprietor of this blog a nondrinker, the rest of us frequently enjoy a libation or three. (Saying “Harambee!” in honor of the ancestors makes it okay.) And now that we’re in the full swing of summer, I’m curious: what are you all drinking? I’m mainly a beer and wine* drinker, but I enjoy a nice tall Tom Collins or vodka tonic occasionally. Share your summer drink recs here.

*No, moscato doesn’t count as wine. What is it with negroes and moscato, btw? That stuff tastes like Sprite.

Image: DumpingPixels/CC 2.0

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  • Darth Paul

    Bump THAT! Herradurra’s an awesome tequila. Better than that Patron sh!t every hoodrat thinks is so damn great!!

    • shani-o

      I think the author acknowledged in the comments that his knowledge of tequila is limited.

      Also, don’t use the word “hoodrat” here. It’s sexist and classist.

  • Herradura is actually pretty good tequila. Guess I’ll start drinking it instead of Patron.

  • I’ve got a few nice refrescos on the summer BBQ play list.

    -Cachaca and Coconut Milk Batido
    -Mojito using mint simple syrup and 10Cane. (I was late to the whole Mojitos craze, only had one for the 1st time last month-am hooked)
    -My fav margarita is Rick Bayless’which uses Herradura and Cointreau
    -For beer in the summer I like hefe weizens like Weinstephaner and Hoegaarden (I also liked Blue Moon, Blue Moon White and Honey Moon but won’t be buying those anymore-fuc**in Heritage Foundation)

    My working night out drink is Tanq Ten and Tonic- Can rinse and repeat all night without missing a step.

  • Grump

    I’ve loved Anheiser-Busch since the funded the building that houses The School of Natural Resources at my school

  • Moscato does taste like Sprite. It’s got nothing on Riesling.

  • aisha

    If a person tells me they are a wine lover and they only like Moscato and Riesling I look at them sideways. There is no requirement that says you have to drink wine so don’t drink those two just to say you drink wine. I find this to be very rampant. You might as well just drink apple cider or apple juice.

  • Guinness is my favorite beer – God bless the Irish!

    For the wine drinkers in Califas…
    Association of African American Vintners

    News segment about Black wine makers @ YouTube

  • Lace

    There are Teamsters Union workers in brewery production and members that work in distribution – hauling and display of beer products to groceries, bars etc.

    See: http://www.teamster.org/content/brewery-soft-drink

    Thank you for asking the reader to support unions. It really does matter in your community.

  • Zesi

    moscato d’asti is yummy. and i hate drinking. generally, the taste of alcohol sucks. yes, it’s an acquired taste. i haven’t acquired it. and that’s probably why people like moscato, because it doesn’t make you grimace.