Dear Tyler Perry…

Please work your voodoo magic and make sure that this becomes the official poster for your adaptation of  ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.’

I’m already worried about how the adaptation is going to turn out.  At least give us something to look forward to and be hopeful for.

But really, this is an amazing piece of work by the infinitely talented young artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (reach her via twitter here), currently stationed in Philadelphia.  (Ed. note: Tatyana also designed the PostBourgie banner that appears at the top of this blog.) We’re trying to drum up enough internet  buzz for the right folks to see it, so please tweet it, blog it, Tumblr it, Digg it, Facebook it, or whatever it is you young interweb whippersnappers do.

Hurry up!  We’ve started without you!

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2 comments to Dear Tyler Perry…

  • EduFirst

    This is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing…Ms. Fazlalizadeh, you are incredibly talented, and I really hope that this will stand in the place of what I can only assume will be a movie poster as piss poor as the WDIGM2 fiasco…

  • ACLS

    I didn’t even read the text before I started linking friends to the poster, and THEN I found out it’s not official. Amazing.

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