Random Early-Morning Hotness.

Yes, yes they are. Without going into details that might embarrass people I kinda know, the line “You’re just giving birth now/You’re not mother earth now/Now that you’re pregnant,” well, it really spoke to me.

  • Seriously disagreed–I found this video exceedingly offensive. Why we’re so determined to resent people who are enjoying the novelty of what is, honestly, a really amazing thing to do (making another person?) is beyond me, except inasmuch as we’ve internalized the idea that women aren’t allowed to “selfishly” talk about things that are important to them.

    And if people resent the canned answers pregnant women give to the canned questions they receive 20 times a day, they might try not asking them.

    • That is totally fair, I’m sure pregnant women get a huge number of annoying question.