Not Moving the Movement.

So just to be clear: the two takeaways from Snob’s post on this Tiger Woods situation are 1) all women have the capacity for craziness  and 2) if you cheat, you deserve to be the victim of violence at the hands of your partner?

Update:  Snob “explains.”


This post was, in large, only about the myth that some women of different ethnic backgrounds are more passive and would never do what Elin Woods is accused of doing. Not domestic violence. Also, there is a difference between a couple having a 2:30 a.m. meltdown and the systematic brutality that comes from a relationship that has been mentally or physically abusive. I am not married to Elin Woods, so I cannot tell you if she is violent on a regular basis or just flipped out this one time because she caught her husband cheating. My point was ANYONE can flip out, even the nicest of people, regardless or race or gender.

Flipping out and being a chronically abusive person are two different things.

Wow. Okay, then.



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