Random Midday Hotness: Spit Hot Fire.

I was listening to an interview recently with Kweli, and he was asked who was the best MC currently doing it. Without hesitation, he said Thought. Now, obviously, I’m incredibly biased. But he ain’t lyin’.


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  1. blackink12 says:

    I ain’t gonna fight that. But yo, um, Em got busy there.

  2. ladyfresh says:

    omg that took me back
    thats all i did back in the day it felt like
    run into cyphers
    stop where i was going
    stop pause and listen

  3. shani-o says:

    Fire. And yeah, Thought’s flow is consistently wicked. (But I’m partial to Mos.) Em rhymes like a spoken word artist. That’s not a compliment.

  4. blackink12 says:

    Sigh. Really?

  5. Jamelle says:

    aaaahhhh. the fire, it is so hot!

    SO HOT!

  6. keke says:

    Yeah, Black Thought has always been one of my favs, I love Mos Def but Thought takes the cake.

    As for Eminem….he put it down here but his mainstream shtick of picking fights with ppl has grown old and I’m not feeling it anymore. Or maybe I have just gotten too old for it. Every time I see him I think of the unnecessary Mariah Carey “beef” and his whole angry persona….I’m just tired of it.

  7. lemu says:

    **slow claps**

    This video could have been made in 2009 or 1999, and it speaks to how real talent doesn’t ebb and flow, but remains consistent through all the fads and trends. All 3 dudes are your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper.

    Truthfully I can’t say who won this cypher, but the Brooklyn in me pulls for Mos because he will say some gangsta shit and then smile at the end.

  8. ladyfresh says:

    i’m partial to mos as well

  9. slb says:

    “lay ‘em out, like a Tempurpedic.” “… bipolar, like Phyllis Hyman.” Thought still values a good simile. sometimes, it feels like the art of the hiphop simile has been lost. i appreciate his dedication to that particular device.

  10. shani-o says:

    Wait, did you just spell ‘favorite’ with a ‘u’? TALK AMERICAN.

  11. lemu says:

    my parents were raised in british colonies, so I was brought up with queens english. :(
    **pours cup of PG Tips tea**

  12. Grump says:

    10 years ago this would have been either on a Rawkus Records mixtape or Soundbombing

  13. Lennox says:

    And here I thought the Soundbombing series were Rawkus mixtapes… silly me

  14. R. says:

    ahhh… thanks for this. it was very nice. I liked that Em got up in there as well and I think that’s the reason that this sounds like it could have been outta the 1-9-9-9. I don’t know if he ever rhymes like that anymore.

  15. b-psycho says:

    If Eminem brought out battle-quality stuff for his albums then I’d still listen to his albums. But he doesn’t, so I don’t.

  16. karas says:

    i’ve been watching this repeatedly since the vid dropped.
    i definitely appreciate real lyricism (on bet of all networks) for a change.
    and em went completely bonkers.

    he needs to quit the saw VI shtick and get back to doing more of this sorta stuff.

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