Al Franken Is No Joke.



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  • This just makes me even angrier that Norm Coleman kept him from us for so long. How old is Franken? Anyone thinking about 2016?

  • god, i love him.

  • ladyfresh

    He certainly isn’t. Nicely done Senator Franken.

  • quadmoniker

    What I really like about this is how it stops people from talking about hypotheticals. That’s all anyone is doing on the right; really market-oriented economics keep talking about how an open market SHOULD work, but the truth is, we know how they work. In countries that do not provide health insurance and rely on markets, only the richest people get treated. That’s how it is in most of the world’s poorest countries, and there’s probably a good argument made somewhere about how that’s part of the reason they’re poor. We KNOW how countries perform when they provide universal healthcare, and people don’t die of preventable diseases in those countries and their infant mortality rates are lower. So we actually don’t need to talk about hypothetical situations, it’s all right in front of us.

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