The Cover-Up is Worse Than the Crime.

TMZ managed to get its hands on some blurry video of the college kid yoking on LeBron. It seems pretty routine, and not at all worth the cover-up by Nike.

Better video here.



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  • Did you guys read this?

  • yeah, this was a major letdown.

  • And this reminds me of one of my favorite Lebron stories:

    So I am teaching English in Mianyang, Sichuan for like a month and we are having a discussion on everyday life in America. I start talking and somehow the conversation switches to the NBA, and one of the students says they love Lebron James.

    How can you love him? I ask.

    I then explain that Lebron James is a cheater. The students who follow the NBA are shocked at my accusation, but I let them know that whenever Lebron plays the Washington Wizards, my team, that the refs let him do whatever he wants.

    They tell me that is not possible.

    I not only restate my position, but I demonstrate his blatant travels that resulted in game-winning shots during the 2006-2007 playoffs.

    They once again tell me that is not possible.

    After some back and forth, I finally realize why they do not believe me: the way I phrased the story, it made it sound like I PLAYED for the Washington Wizards, and I GUARDED Lebron James while he blatantly broke the rules, that I gave up a career as an NBA player to teach English in China. I had to nip that rumor quick or else people would expect even more of my on the basketball court.