"Ain't", Plural?

A random query from Alyssa’s spot:

One of the reasons I’m as obsessed with pop culture as I am is that I grew up somewhat isolated from it. My didn’t have a television for much of my childhood, so I missed things like Saved by the Bell and The Simpsons almost entirely (It made Turn Off the TV Week sooooo much easier. My sister and I smoked that contest like it wasn’t no thang [query: is there a past form of “ain’t”? plural?]. )

I love  the structure of colloquial language (and Ebonics in particular) but  this one has me stumped. My first thought was how this doesn’t read so well; if spoken you’d drop the “s” and say “wudn’t.” But that would look kinda janky if it was written down: “like it wudn’t a thing.”

Thoughts on her “ain’t” question?



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  • Grump

    “wuhn’t”….a thang

  • ladyfresh

    oddly i think the sentence would be

    ‘like it wasn’t nuthing’

  • I’ve heard “warn’t” used, though “wasn’t nuthing” seems a lot more common (depending upon what part of the country you’re in).

  • quadmoniker

    It’s warn’t. It’s really weren’t, but people say warn’t.

  • twern’t.

  • pinkpicnic@

    Mississippi girl here, putting my vote in for wern’t.