Weekend Endorsements: In Pursuit of the Promised Land.

GD: A few years ago, Slate‘s David Plotz undertook a fun project called Blogging the Bible, in which he reads Old Testament again with fresh eyes as an adult. He finds the holy books full of stuff that got left out of his religious education growing up: adultery, incest and lots and [...]

Last Hired, First Fired.

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I’m sure most of you recognize the post title as an unfortunately short and pithy way of describing the frustrating situation African-American workers are usually in during recessions. The latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that that’s still the case:

Black Male Worker Jobless Rate [...]

It's the "Why Can't I Use the N-Word?" Argument.

Over at Editorial Anonymous:

“Giving an award for creating art about the experience of race is a wonderful thing. But giving an award for creating art and being a particular race? That’s racism in action,” and “If the CSK were in charge, male writers wouldn’t be able to comment on what it’s like to be [...]

The Halcyon Days of Jim Crow.

Danielle Belton threw up a head-scratcher of a post earlier this week, in which she argued mostly by way of dubious assertion that integration came at great social cost to Black America, and to HBCUs in particular.

[This] was the crux of a discussion two older black men had with me years [...]

Withdrawal: Better Than Nothing?

Possibly, according to a recent study via Feministe:

A new commentary, “Better Than Nothing or Savvy Risk-Reduction Practice? The Importance of Withdrawal,” by Rachel K. Jones et al., published in the June 2009 issue of Contraception, highlights that withdrawal is only slightly less effective than the male condom at preventing pregnancy. Yet there is a [...]

My Commute Sucks.

It really does.

On an average day, assuming there’s no traffic or road blockages, I spend about two hours commuting to and from work. It’s much the same for the First Lady.

There was no real choice in the matter — I work an hour away in one direction, she works an hour [...]

Oh, The White Girl Flow.

Here at PostBourgie, slb’s written about the Emmy-winning Tyra show. And I’ve written about nappy hair. So, when the Tyra show does an episode on nappy hair, it’s only natural that we post about that, too.

The online black hair communities have been in heated discussion about the episode since before it aired on [...]

Toni Morrison too violent for High School.

Via every book blogger on the web a high school in Shelby, Michigan has banned Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison. The article states that “members of the community objected to its profanity, sexual references and violence.” Oh My.

The book was removed from an AP English course. I found the syllabus (a very thorough [...]