Weekend Endorsements: Up, Out and Double X.

shani-o: I was intrigued by Up when I heard about it on Fresh Air. It was the first animated film to open Cannes, and having seen it last night, I can totally understand why. It was beautiful and moving, goofy and ridiculous, and I totally cried. Twice. (G.D. almost did, too, but don’t [...]


I mentioned this to G.D. and on my Facebook status update yesterday: LeBron’s best might be better than MJ’s best. Really.

Your Friday Funny: Finally, Some Gratitude.

When There's No Underbrush, the Tree Looks Taller.

A Word on Empathy.

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Judging from jonolan’s comment on a previous post, it’s probably reasonable to assume that conservatives will, in their criticism of Sotomayor, zero in on this line from a lecture she recently gave:

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often [...]

Notes from the Harbor: Syntax and Semantics.

Regrettably a long weekend has come and gone and, if you’re anything like me, the anticipation for all the wonderful “time off” in order to “take care of things” culminated in an uneventful weekend full of hair washing, reading, back-to-back viewings of Coming to America on Comedy Central, and the Pam Greer Blaxploitation marathon [...]

Based on a True Story…Again?

We’ve made no secret of our belief that Hollywood is producing just a few too many paint-by-numbers Black biopics, and this week’s announcement of a whopping four black-themed biopics was just a case in point. According to Rotten Tomatoes’ Weekly Ketchup, all systems are go for an “official” biographical drama on Martin Luther [...]

Sotomayor to be the Nominee.


UPDATE. More on Sotomayor:

Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog predicts what we can expect in the leadup to the confirmation hearings. He also has a handy round-up of her apellate opinions.

Ambinder details how Sotomayor, who had been at the top of the president’s list from jump, ended up being the pick. He also [...]