RIP Mama Africa.

makeba1Miriam Makeba died yesterday, at the age of 76. She collapsed after a performance in Italy. Makeba, also known as “Mama Africa,” was banned from returning to South Africa, her home, for 30 years, because she spoke out against the Apartheid. She was also married to Kwame Ture for several years in the late sixties/early seventies, which led to her losing record deals and concert dates in the U.S.

She was the kind of artist-activist other artist-activists dream of being.

Like nearly everyone, I’m most familiar with “Pata Pata,” her signature song.

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    thank you

  • Hi there,

    This is so terribly sad….that she died on stage…why didn’t those who love her realize her frail condition was dire and get help for her rather than thinking “the show must go on”??

    How many legends will we lose due to negligence??