No Words. Just "Awwww."

[Via Ezra.]

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  • quadmoniker

    that’s the cutest kid i’ve ever seen.

  • rakia

    Damon Weaver is now my homeboy.

    Also, that is how Palin should’ve answered the VP question.

  • rakia

    Did y’all see this:

    “I forgot to turn my microphone on.” LOL! I love this kid.

  • La

    “Senator Biden is now my homeboy.”

    It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

    And why is he a better journalist that alot of folks over at Fox News? Just sayin…

  • Rakia: omg, I missed that. He’s the best.

    La: Cuz he asks good questions?

  • rakia

    Seriously, I could watch this kid deliver the evening news every day.

  • ladyfresshh


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