Bad Blonde Weave Wins the Day.


Last Friday, Tyra Banks won a Daytime Emmy*.

We know. We had to take a moment to let that sink in, too.

Not to discount Ms. Banks’ accomplishments, but have you ever watched an episode of The Tyra Banks Show? You have??? So this is your fault.

Seriously, though. We’re really over here trying to figure out how Tyra “Me Me Me” Banks won a Daytime Emmy Award—and in the category of Outstanding Talk Show – Informative, no less. I know I, for one, learned a great deal about John Edwards’ eating habits when he appeared on Tyra. Watching him refuse Wendy’s French fries because he only eats them with Elizabeth on their wedding anniversary was quite informative.

What the hell, folks? Who is voting on these things? Don’t they know that, now that Tyra has an “Emmy,” her colorful weaves, sausage-casing-like wardrobe, narcissistic interviewing tactics, and ridiculously loud faux “excited/concerned” voice will be all the more insufferable?

According to this SoapTV interview, one of the segments Tyra’s people submitted for Daytime Emmy consideration was her interview with Barack Obama, which, like all her shows, was more about her than about him:

In other news, it must’ve been obnoxious people year, across the board. Rachel Ray also went home with an award for Outstanding Talk Show – Entertainment. On the upside, Kristoff St. John won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his billion-year run as Neil Winters on CBS’ Young and the Restless. (We kind of like him. He evokes fond memories from our childhood.)

* We were unable to embed Tyra’s acceptance speech, but please. Click the link and skip to 2:00. You’ll get to see one of the non-Obama-related clips she submitted. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. It’s one of those faux-teary, enraged-on-a-guest’s-behalf pieces. Then, watch one of the presenters mock it. Then, watch Tyra turn it into what she likely hopes will become one of her “trademark” Sassy Black Catchphrases.


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  • The hate is strong in this one, lol.

    I’m not a fan of Tyra in the traditional sense. In fact, I can hardly stand to watch her programs. But I will defend her right to do what she does, and I have great respect for her. She has influence over hundreds of thousands of teenage girls… and is using it for good. That’s hugely important. Since I’m not a teenage girl, and I presume you aren’t either, her power probably is not for us to understand. It seems like you don’t think her genuine… I read the Times Magazine piece on her, and for the first time in ever, I do believe she’s motivated by (mostly) pure intentions.

    And even if she’s not being genuine, do you think she’s actually doing damage?

    As for Rachel Ray… I used to love her show ’30 Minute Meals’ on Food Network. I don’t know why people find her so insufferable. Other than the fact that she’s a jihad-supporter, of course. 😉

  • slb

    I’m not sure whether or not she’s doing harm. I just know that giving her an “Outstanding *Informative* Talk Show” award is a farce, considering viewers are never informed of anything quite so much as they’re informed of… well, Tyra. Tyra’s weave secrets. Tyra’s own painful past with abusive boyfriends! What’s that? No, her eye wasn’t blackened nor her ribs broken like her first and second guest on the show, but her ex said really really mean things about her, and that’s when she realized she was much MUCH better than him and, “Girlfriend, I just told him to get ta steppin’!”

    If her influence on teen girls is positive, that’s commendable. I hear her self-esteem camp, T-Zone, is doin’ big things. Believe me, the hate wouldn’t be as strong if she got some sort of philanthropic award for that. I’m just surprised she got a Daytime Emmy for the content of *that* show—especially in the more “serious” talk show category.

    Maybe I need to check out this NYT magazine article, though. I wouldn’t mind being forced to change my opinion of her.

  • quadmoniker

    I’m not sure the Times magazine article changed my opinion of her, but the video on the Times website that went with it FINALLY showed me what she was talking about with that damn ‘smiling with your eyes’ direction she always gives the Next Top Models.

  • slb- I gotcha. And lol at the abusive boyfriend example. That sounds like something she would say. Although, when it comes to simple stuff, like cellulite, and, um, bunions, and hair issues, Tyra creates a space where girls can talk about things that they just don’t know are normal, because no one else is willing to say in public, “hey, that happens to me, too!”

    quadmoniker- the video was pretty funny. She’s almost like a cartoon character.

  • quadmoniker

    Wow, I counted it. She let Obama talk about himself for a mere 17 seconds of that clip. The remaining 53 seconds or so was spent on herself.

  • verdeluz

    QM- Did the bit on the ‘fine, sexy mole’ wind up in her column or his? 😉

  • quadmoniker

    His, I was really trying to be generous with the 18. It was more like 16.5.

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