PB Everywhere: Bellow – Webcast #1.


In today’s edition of #PostBourgieEverywhere, I started an online literary reading series called Bellow, and it launched this week with my fellow PB-ers Joshunda Sanders and Nichole Perkins as guests. Joshunda opens the set reading from her fantastic short story, “Sirens,” which follows a young girl’s experience coping with bullying at school and at home. Nichole followed with four elegant poems (now available on her blog) and I finished things off with an excerpt from my untitled novel-in-perpetual-progress about conjoined sisters named Wonder and Radiance.

Bellow aims to connect writers who may be separated by geography, financial constraints, or personal obligations. It gives those creatives who can’t freely travel to readings a chance to obtain or expand a following, amplify their voices, and strengthen their sense of artistic community.

I’d love it if you’d check out the first webcast, follow Bellow on Twitter, like us on FB, check out the website and, if you’re a writer of color looking for community or exposure, apply to appear on future webcasts using this form.

Check out the video below!


slb (aka Stacia L. Brown) is a writer, mother, and college instructor in Baltimore, MD. Check her out here: http://stacialbrown.com and here: http://beyondbabymamas.com.