Friday Frivolity.

Between the House Dems capitulating with Bush & Co. on FISA, the continued misery from the floods in the Midwest and the end of laughter, we could use some levity don’t you think?

Oooh, I know! Let’s laugh at D’Angelo!

Brokey on D’Angelo’s allegedly in-the-works album:

so here’s how we’ll get him out of hiding. i present to you: the D’Ange-Trap (patent pending). to construct it, you’ll need one (1) REALLY big box–like super gigantic big–one (1) really big stick, at least 5 ft 6 inches; one (1) portly, scantily clad woman of approx. 250 lbs and of no taller height than 5 foot 3 inches; one (1) buffet full of Denny’s speciality; and one (1) buffet full of assorted cracks, cocaines, and pipes.

so we put all that shit beneath the really big box, prop it up with the stick, wrap a rope around the stick and hide in wait. D’Angelo (i assume he’s nocturnal) will likely scamper up to the bounty in the middle of the night, and when he does, WHAMO! we pull the stick, box falls down, D’Angelo is trapped!




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