Mocking Hillary Clinton at Trinity.




Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.
  • There’s got to be a heap of pressure for a priest to preach at a black church…

    That being said, one of the most valuable fruits of the political debate between Obama and Clinton is the conversation of race in the United States. For too many years we have allowed others to tell us to “get over it.” We’ve played the “whodunnit” game with the majority. As this preacher points out, it’s easy to dissasociate one’s self from the evil that was done to millions of black families not too many years ago, but it is difficult to reject the benefits of it.

    This doesn’t only apply to Clinton, but all of our co-workers, peers, professors, and others who live in denial about the hardships that minorities face even this very day.

    When a thief is caught, does he get to keep the stuff??? I guess it depends on the color of his or her skin.

  • I had to watch it twice, because the first time, I was distracted by him getting his brotha on. Whew.

    ANYWAY. He’s merely saying in a more dramatic way what others have been saying since it was apparent that Obama was going to be the nominee. As the pundits have tried to explain why Hillary failed, one of the top reasons is because she presumed herself the nominee.

    Is this important because someone said it? Is it important because he’s a man saying it? Is it important because he’s a WHITE MAN saying it? Or is it important because he’s saying it at Trinity?

  • Frankly, I find all this church scouting for drama kind of like Eavesdropping.

    Sometimes, YouTube is the devil…sometimes it is heaven sent…sometimes, Both.

    IMO, dude was spitting the gospel. There WAS a certain fatigue and desperation that led to her breaking down. It fits contextually and it fits chronologically.

    Yes, they clowned her a bit.

    Kinda like they clowned Obama on SNL.

    Lets be REAL here, folks. Its all about the show in the pulpit sometimes. For good and for bad.

  • Grumop

    Father Pflegler ain’ts to be f*cked with….

  • tam

    So much for speaking truth to power….

  • Tasha

    Inflation then conflagration of pulpit commentary.
    Let’s see if this will work again third times a charm i guess.

  • LH

    Does Pfleger think he’s helping Obama or is that even a secondary consideration of anyone at Trinity?