Reggie Love, Obama's Body Man.


Reggie Love got a decent-sized write-up in the NYT yesterday. He’s a former two-sporter at Duke where he once got pissy-drunk at a frat party, passed out, and random dudes plopped their testicles on his forehead. When the pictures surfaced, he was kicked off the team, but was later reinstated by The Rat Coach K.

Moving on. A few years hence, Love is now Obama’s body man (think Charlie from The West Wing), which is sorta like being a 6’5 Swiss army knife. Watch Reggie telepathically intuit that the presumptive Democratic nominee needs a coat. See Reggie dab Obama’s food-stained tie with a Tide pen. Sharpies, stationery, protein bars, throat lozenges, water, tea, Advil, Tylenol, Purell and emergency Nicorette? Reggie on it.

For the balance of this interminable campaign, he has remained inches away from Obama on the trail — which gives him unique insight into Barry’s likes and dislikes.

Planters Trail Mix: Nuts, Seeds & Raisins
Roasted almonds
Dentyne Ice
MET-Rx chocolate roasted peanut protein bars
Vegetables, especially broccoli and spinach
Handmade milk chocolates from Fran’s Chocolates in Seattle

Salt and vinegar potato chips
Asparagus (“if no other vegetables are available, he’ll eat it”)
Soft drinks (he prefers water)

*Of all the pressing issues raised during this campaign, it’s good to know that Barry gets it right on the subject of mayonnaise. The shit is vile, y’all. Just stop it.



Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.
  • GD how do you reconcile hate of mayonnaise with love of potato salad? Assuming you eat it, that is.

  • Big Word

    Black people eat trail mix?

  • Aisha

    universe exapanding- you make your potato salad with mustard and a wee hint o’ mayo.

  • Tasha

    no mayo!?
    no asparaus?!
    oh Barry Barry
    i’ll vote for ya anyway

    no comments on cheese Barry…i’ll have to leave you on cheese dude

  • Tasha

    oh wait GD you love potato salad but hate mayo?
    now how…

  • Tasha

    sorry for three posting ya’ll like this but
    “Cheddar is the cheese of choice,” Mr. Love added.
    Barry this has solidified my already solid vote, (about as solid as my arteries)

  • UE: I don’t eat potato salad; i have dignity.

  • Tasha

    ok i’m back there’s all sorts of wrong going on
    the first of which
    a- potato salad has a diginity you obviously couldn’t begin to comprehend GD
    b- they could’t type ‘pound’? wth is …offering closed-fist high-fives to members of the news media
    c- something is wrong if i’m thinking career change to ‘body person’

  • Tasha-

    a) potato salad bring back bad, bad memories from my childhood. i’ll not bother you with the details.

    b) as soon as i read that part, i sent an IM to Ashley to ask if *she* wrote that or the editors changed it to be more Times-ian. no response.

    c) i wonder how much he gets paid. but besides that, you don’t think being on the front lines of a historic presidential campaign would be fun?

  • Tasha

    GD –
    c- i DO i really really really DO, but yes i really really really want to know how much…and then what happens after…greenbay packer…candidate aide…does he then get a cabinet position…and assistant position…i’m not familiar with the potential of this career track

  • ndenise

    I’m glad you referred to Dook’s coach as “the rat.” Spot on.

    Oh and it is possible to like potato salad (because it’s just yummy and is not overpowered by mayo) and not like mayo (plopped on a sandwich or as a dip for fries, etc).

  • lemu

    My momma makes a potatoe salad that would make you all believers.

    what will happen when the facebook/myspace generation run for office? Inappropriate pictures will be par for course.

  • GD: Traumatized by potato salad? Mkay.

    I never usd to eat it, or mayonnaise as a kid. Now I eat both and am guilty of using it in both ways ndenise described.
    Should I be concerned for the legitimacy of my blackness?

  • I smell a Duke hater. And his name is GD.

    Instead of making fun of a passed out Reggie Love getting tea-bagged at that UNC frat party, why not look at the ridiculously overt homo-eroticism with racist undertones of the act performed by several white men on an unsuspecting, sleeping black man?

    I would never willingly put my testicles near another man’s face, and the fact that these white boys did just that and got no criticism is weird to me.

    By the way Reggie Love got suspended for underage drinking, which caused him to pass out in the first place. His suspension ran through the ACC tournament but he was reinstated for the NCAA tournament, in which he played sparingly. Coach K was practicing fair discipline.

    Oh yeah — from now on GD stands for Go Duke!

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  • Clemson327

    bc-tw, so tea-bagging a passed out black guy is now racist? Would anybody cry racist if it was black guys doing it to a passout white guy? No… You put yourself at peril by passing out at a fraternity house, and tagging as well as tea-bagging are fairly normal. Get off your high horse and come down here with the rest of us.