Make It Stop, Mommy!: The Kwame Kilpatrick Deathwatch, Day 1.

A, um, contentious hearing last week by the Detroit City Council on the Kilpatrick fiasco.

Yesterday, Kwame Kilpatrick went to the Detroit City Council to present his proposed city budget. But when he showed up, they refused to let him into their chambers. (Or in Kwame’s more familiar texting parlance, GTFOHWTBS.)

Like a certain junior senator form New York, Kilpatrick is having a hard time seeing the writing on the wall. (But to be fair, it’s Detroit, and all the graffiti just bleeds together.)

So until he does, we’ll be sitting on the sidelines, tapping our heels and snarkily updating you with the increasingly embarrassing goings-on in this sordid little Motown saga.



Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.

    Especially because I got it immediately ….. LOL

  • HEY! Detroit has some pretty good graffiti thank you :p

  • slb

    Did she just call him, “Shrek?”

  • She called the City Counsel President Shrek…yes…and she showed up the next day in a canary yellow “princess dress” and a tiara. Monica Conyers is a hot mess and then some.

  • Big Word

    Bill Cosby’s head will surely explode when he sees this.

  • K.

    WOOOW. I can’t believe they’re acting like that. The way they’re reacting to KP’s foolishness is making them look quite foolish themselves.

  • Come on now. Even my 10 year old nephew isn’t that damn petty. smh

  • Yes, she called him SHREK! *lol*

    If Detroit city leadership was not the laughingstock of our nation BEFORE…surely…they have earned it now….

    Sad but true.


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