Hurting for Female Directors.

In graduate school, I had to attend a series of talks from magazine editors and one* of them, from Harper’s, faced a tough question from a friend of mine who asked a lot of tough questions of our guests. She read through the masthead’s list of all-male, mostly Anglo-sounding names and [...]

'Obsessed' Wants to Run Smash Into You (And Nearly Misses).

“Breathe,” Derek Charles says, as he vigorously shakes the leggy blonde psychotic in his hotel bed. “Bitch, breathe!”

And with this line, another awesomely campy stalker flick is born.

Trust me. You already know the plot of the newest Beyonce vehicle, Obsessed: naive married corporate exec (Elba) runs afoul of the wrong temp. [...]

The Trailer Is Wack. The Movie Is Not.

It does the whole ‘magical people of color’ bit, which I recognize is problematic. But the pacing is great , the script is really smart, and the four leads give flawless performances. Furthermore, it’s the second feature by Tom McCarthy, who helmed The Station Agent and was last seen making up stories as Scott [...]

Can Perry Parry Harsher Criticism?

Tyler Perry’s fifth big screen effort and fourth adaptation from one of his stage plays, Meet the Browns, opened Friday. We didn’t comment on it when the trailer debuted—and that was intentional. I’ll explain why in a minute.

First, I have a confession to make: Not counting Meet the Browns, I’ve seen every Tyler [...]

How About Now?

The blackface still worrisome?

Okay, Now *this?* This Might Be Blackface.

For the past two months, we PostBourgie pundits have been kicking around a loose and ongoing discussion about what constitutes blackface and cooning. My pet passion is more blackface-based, while Gene has stronger views on the concept of cooning.

Back when we covered Angelina’s Image Award nomination, I briefly touched on my belief that playing [...]

Holler Back, Young.

Notice something about that clip? A very cool post on the Wilhelm Scream from io9. (Hat-tip: TooSense).

Lies Denzel Washington Told Me.

While he was campaigning in Virginia before their primary, Barack Obama stopped at T.C. Williams High School for a town hall meeting. This is where the real-life story that inspired Remember the Titans took place: a Denzel Special where a football team helps integrate the school heal the racial wounds — nay, souls— of [...]