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I told him that I resented it. That I wasn’t even from D.C. and it still got on my nerves. That the people who had endured the crack heads and the crack-related shootings and the crack smoking mayor wouldn’t be the ones to enjoy the spiffed up buildings and the patio brunch specials. That the freshmen at Howard would probably be more inclined to get money than get involved on campus, because Froyo aint cheap and neither are those bright red Capital Bike Share bikes. And this, I said, and that, I said, and don’t forget about the other thing, I said — just like I had the night before, standing in the exact same spot, with a different homie, off a different kind of Jack.

As we’ve mentioned before, the DC City Council is kind of a hot mess right now.  And Council Chairman Kwame Brown (pictured above) is only making it worse. On Monday, Brown announced a shuffle of committee assignments, removing popular Ward 6 Councilman Tommy Wells from his chairmanship of the Committee for Public Works and Transportation, Read More