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How do you feel about this? (It’s real, btw.) I can’t quite make up my mind.    [via C&L.]

I guess Gov. Palin won’t be endorsing Rep. Stevens after all?  It’s a good thing she had the foresight to see which way the wind was blowing before getting even more politically entangled with a criminal.

She might give Jindal a run for his money. Ambinder: There’s a suspicion in some McCain loyalist precincts that Gov. Sarah Palin is beginning to play the Republican base against John McCain — McCain won’t let her campaign in Michigan…McCain won’t let her bring up Jeremiah Wright… McCain doesn’t like her terrorist pal talks…. Think Read More

Stole this from over at Jamelle’s spot. Jamelle: In all honesty, I can’t watch this without wanting to punch my computer screen in.  Everything about this woman is loathsome: her pitiful ignorance, her open anti-Muslim bigotry, and perhaps most infuriatingly, her unabashed smugness. … Why does the world hate us?  Because of people like this, Read More

[Via the WaPo.] I’ll be the first one to say that some of Palin’s jackets (and boots) are bad as hell. I especially liked the pink jacket in the Katie Couric interview. But, seriously, how many black skirts did they buy for her? Except for her suit at the debate, she’s been wearing more mix Read More

I Don’t Trust Obama. He’s an, uh, Arab. The Crazy McCain Lady. And since we’re laughing at ignorant Republicans and SNL, we would be remiss in not pointing out that Palin is going to be on the show tonight. The Paper Trail. Remember a little while back when everyone was worried that the Obama camp’s Read More

For starters: This was on the official website of the Sacramento County Republican Party. And then there’s this: And here’s a comment from the Team Sarah blog post from which that pic came: OMGZ, that shoeshine pic is HILARIOUS. I’ve been looking for a slave one — maybe a shot from Roots, but with McCain’s Read More

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