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It’s hard for me to call another woman a bitch the 10 Minute Trading se days. I can’t bring myself to do it. There was a period of about two years, around the time I was 19-20, that I used ‘bitch’ a lot. I also cursed a lot. It was freeing, because I’d come from Read More

This isn’t even funny anymore. This gets to the point I was making before: why is this a question that she would answer with so little confidence? She could just randomly tick off a few publications, even if she doesn’t actually read them, and Couric would move on to the next question. It’s mind-boggling. She Read More

A couple weeks ago when Matt Damon called out the Palin mess for the insipid Disney movie that it is, quadmoniker and I decided that that movie was called “Mommy in Chief.” We were gonna write a fake trailer for it and everything. Turns out, some folks already beat us to it. Their trailer doesn’t Read More

After the debates last Friday, Joe Biden went into bulldog mode, hitting up news outlets to spin for Obama. McCain’s camp drafted the consistently reprehensible Rudy Giuliani to do the same, a clear indication of how much of a media liability Sarah Palin has become in their eyes. Where was Palin? As far away from Read More

Douthat, who was as big a Palin supporter as anyone, calls Palin’s showing last night “painful“. But hey, maybe it’s all just effing brilliant rope-a-dope for the Biden debate …. Yeah, except…no.

Sarah “Talkingpointalicious” Palin and Katie “I’m Really Trying To Get You To Say Something Relevant” Couric talk foreign policy: I thought the “fungible” thing was just a weird moment of total confusion, but apparently, that’s how she talks all the time. As Yglesias notes, Moscow is actually closer to New York than it is to Read More

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