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Yesterday was another good day in the polls for Mitt Romney — Real Clear Politics has Romney up about 0.7 viagra online points nationally — and Nate Silver thinks the post-debate surge doesn’t show any signs of waning. “So far, the evidence that Mr. Romney’s debate bounce is receding is a bit anecdotal,” he writes. Read More

Cord Jefferson wrote a widely criticized piece for Gawker calling for a reconsideration of how we deal with pedophiles — criticized in large part because it seemed to pussyfoot around actually referring to the rape of children as “rape”. Jennifer Bleyer has a less ham-handed take on that idea over at Slate. “Fred Berlin, the Read More

Over at The Prospect, Jamelle offers up a handy primerto the Rapture, which an 89-year-old religious leader named Harold Camping said should be going down tomorrow. What is the Rapture? Derived from the Latin verb “rapio,” it means “to catch up” or “caught away,” and refers to the a specific event in several eschatological timelines, Read More

x-posted from CaribBelle’s Minority Report. Here’s another example of the impact of “modesty laws”: two women (Sec of State Hillary Clinton and a National Security Council Director of Counterterrorism) get cut out of the situation room picture when the photo is published in a Hasidic newspaper. This story reminded me so much of a conversation Read More

Life After Church is a recurring PostBourgie feature, in which PB’s writers discuss their evolving ideas about faith and religion. (See previous entries in this series from Stacia here and here, from Monica here,  from Alisa here, and from Shani here.) Sean Campbell is a friend of the blog, and blogs at his own site, Read More

If you get a moment — or a few moments, since it’s long as hell — you should really holler at the much-discussed New Yorker article about Paul Haggis, the screenwriter and director of the worst movie ever, and his falling out from the Church of Scientology after nearly three decades as a devoted, high-ranking Read More presents: The Sunni Beard from Chikodi Chima on Vimeo. This started catching on back when I was in school, although obviously back then few of us could really pull it off. (Freeway probably has the most famous Philly beard of all times. ALL TIMES!)

If you do anything today, you should check out the New York Times’ multimedia gallery on Uganda’s appalling anti-homosexual bill, which if passed, will mandate prison sentences and the death penalty for gay Ugandans.  The article accompanying it examines the American evangelical presence in Uganda, and the degree to which evangelicals influenced and shaped the Read More

With regards to the Christmas pants bomber (not to be confused with this guy), Josh Marshall writes: The Times has run-down of what is known so far about Umar Farouk Abdulmtallab. Most you likely already know. Son of a wealthy, Nigerian banker who’d studied engineering in London. His turn toward intense involvement with Islam, if not yet Read More