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written by  Sergi Avteniev at Sad Bastard Bar; x-posted with permission.  I immigrated to the United States, which means my parents would get up to go to a federal building in New York in the dark hours of the morning to stand with me and thousands of other people in a line that would take the Read More

In my little (and decidedly liberal) corner of the blogosphere, it has now become inappropriate to use the word “illegal” when referring to immigrants.  Colorlines, one of my favorite PB-based blog discoveries, has launched a site called “Drop the I-Word.”  From the site: How is the I-Word inaccurate – isn’t some illegal action happening here? Read More

“Pork” seems to be a favorite word among right and left politicians alike. I always assumed it was a reference to waste or spending that was ultimately unhealthful. Not so, according to NPR Political Junkie: Pork is short for pork barrel. Wordsmith William Safire said it began before the Civil War, likening lawmakers plundering budget Read More