For Those Who Still Can Listen.

written by  Sergi Avteniev at Sad Bastard Bar; x-posted with permission. 

I immigrated to the United States, which means my parents would get up to go to a federal building in New York in the dark hours of the morning to stand with me and thousands of other people in a line that would take [...]


In my little (and decidedly liberal) corner of the blogosphere, it has now become inappropriate to use the word “illegal” when referring to immigrants.  Colorlines, one of my favorite PB-based blog discoveries, has launched a site called “Drop the I-Word.”  From the site:

How is the I-Word inaccurate – isn’t some illegal action happening here?


Late Pass: 'Pork'

“Pork” seems to be a favorite word among right and left politicians alike. I always assumed it was a reference to waste or spending that was ultimately unhealthful.

Not so, according to NPR Political Junkie:

Pork is short for pork barrel. Wordsmith William Safire said it began before the Civil War, likening lawmakers plundering budget [...]