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I’ll be guest-blogging at Feministe for the next two weeks, which I’m pretty amped about. I hope to keep up the regular blogging pace over here while pulling double duty. Drop in and check me out.

The brilliant and prolific hilzoy, who for my money is the best blogger in the game, is calling it quits. The main reason I started blogging, besides the fact that I thought it would be fun, was that starting sometime in 2002, I thought that my country had gone insane. It wasn’t just the insane Read More

Our homies Dr. Bitch, ding, Sybil and M. Leblanc (we’re sure we’re missing folks) were nominated for Best Very Large Blog in the 2008 Weblog Awards. Show them some love by voting here.

The blogging platform we use allows remarks from regular commenters to go up without moderation, but newer commenters’ offerings sit in a queue until they’re approved. Discerning between a comment that should be approved and one that shouldn’t is nowhere near as easy as you’d think. We like differing points of view, and we’d like Read More

It took us almost a year to get our first 200,000 hits. It’s taken us about a month to get the next 50,000. Thanks, y’all. (But also? Damn.)