Random Midday Hotness: This Is How You Describe Her.

Aisha Tyler adjusted

“Mami might have been skinny, a bad thing on the Island, but she was smart and funny and that’s hard to find anywhere.” Drown, Page 73.

Grantland’s Amos Barshad tagged along with PB favorite, Pulitzer winner, MacArthur genius and all-around dope mofo Junot Diaz, just after his latest, This Is How You Lose Her, hit bookstores. Barshad’s friend joked that Diaz’s famously evocative descriptions of women made her want to start a website called HaveJunotDiazPersonallyDescribeMyBody.com.

But it looks like DopeRead’s Terryn Denise, who won this year’s Black Weblog Award for Best Book/Author Blog, beat her to it; her new tumblr called ThisIsHowYouDescribeHer.tumblr.com. Which, I mean…yaaasssssssss.



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