Jay Smooth Remembers Nate Dogg.

(Spotted via Colorlines)

In the vid above, Ill Doctrine’s JaySmooth pays tribute to the fallen Nathaniel Hale AKA Nate Dogg– crediting the legendary hip-hop hook-man who succeeded in creating a space for soul to take root between rap verses paving the way for R&B thugs everywhere. However, Smooth’s reverence for the hip-hop’s soulman and his long list of contributions doesn’t stop him from mentioning how Nate’s undeniable gift of “making disrespecting women sound catchy,” perpetuated sexism prevalent in rap and hip-hop by enveloping them in sultry sound to upbeat tempos.

A public memorial service will be held Saturday for singer Nate Dogg in his home town of Long Beach. Nate died from stroke-related complications.


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