Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: Steady Cuttin’ Up.

What’s good, everyone? Sorry for the late roundup. I’m subbing for blackink, who just upped and moved to the A and is still getting settled in.

Some stuff to turn over as you go about your day…

It’s kind of a moot point now, but this chart, via Ezra Klein, shows how much folks would save under each party’s tax plan.

Obama‘s deal on tax cuts: not as shitty as it might have been!  Glass-half-full! The deal  may not result in a full-fledged primary challenge from the left — which Jamelle thinks would be nuts — but a majority of Obama’s supporters say it makes them less likely to come up off that bread in 2012. House Dems said they’re not on board yet, and Joe Biden was dispatched to the Capitol to sooth their concerns.

Michelle Rhee, D.C.’s erstwhile schools chancellor, has been on a media blitz to publicize SchoolsFirst, an advocacy group whose “ultimate goal is to shift the power dynamic of education in this country, which …for far too long has been dominated by special interests, whether the teachers’ unions or textbook manufacturers.” (Apparently an organization that hopes to have $1 billion to influence policy conversations isn’t a “special interest.”)

The Cleveland Plain Dealer spent nine months looking at the court system in their county and found that “Folks against whom there was scant to no evidence of a crime were exposed to an unnecessary judicial nightmare.” The investigation included the story of Charice Gilmore, “a Cleveland mother who was indicted for inciting a neighborhood fight, even though she was in another county at the time. The Cleveland detective who testified before the grand jury recounted events that were not backed up with evidence, or were false.” (Monica)
In Mexico, authorities believe they have arrested a 14-year-old hitman for a major drug cartel who told reporters that he slit the throats of his victims. (Blackink)

The Obama administration has been engaged in a tricky political balancing act: ushing for the DREAM Act, which provides conditional residency to undocumented students and servicepeople, while touting the record number of immigrants it has deported to appear “tough on immigration.” Seth Freed Wessler writes that the agency charged with immigration “bent the rules in order to artificially drive up its reported deportation numbers.”

Loving Masculinities was the first entry in Racialicious’s series on love and sexuality. (See the next entries, Putting It In My Mouth, and Fucking While Black.)

Joshunda Saunders considers the link between America’s falling church attendance and declining marriage rates.

Former NFL lineman LeCharles Bentley explains how front offices missed on emerging star Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis: racism. (Blackink)

Before LeBron returned home to Cleveland last Thursday, ESPN’s Wright Thompson went there first:”LeBron was part of both myths, and, even in departure, he remains so; a reminder of what could have been and what once was. He is a 6-foot-8 steel mill.” (Blackink)

And finally, Steve Harvey is back to help you with your relationship questions.

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