‘I was in the White House for Six Months. That’s Six Months Longer Than You.’

I spent most of yesterday off the grid, running around the Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC helping my colleagues pull off an amazing conference for Campus Progress.

Van Jones was one of the keynotes (aside: who knew dude was so goofy? I didn’t.) and much of the coverage of the conference has focused on Jones’ address, after his ‘rough exit’ from the White House last year. Baratunde Thurston was there and asked Jones about his feelings after leaving the Obama administration:

Rah-rahs aside, it’s clear Jones has decided not to be bitter about the way he was ousted. And I appreciate Jones’ reclamation of liberals loving their country, too. As a black American who’s part of a group that’s constantly being accused of trying to get payback for racism, it’s good to hear other black progressives say that they love this country as I do. But love doesn’t preclude skepticism or a desire for a more perfect union.

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