Live-blogging the #SOTU.

Watch the State of The Union in the post below, and catch our commentary here. Featuring me (shani-o), Jamelle, Monica, blackink12, and G.D.. Watch the video below.

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  • Alright, urrrbody. What’d we think?

    • shani-o

      All I know is that we have some of the most hilarious commenters of all time.

    • quadmoniker

      I actually liked the speech. Presidents are never specific about policy. I think this one was about tone — telling repubs to step off without sounding mean, reminding americans why they like him. I wish he’d been stronger on health care but he was pretty strong, reminding everyone of its link to the economy. I didn’t like the “if you have better ideas, i’d be happy to hear them,” line cause he knows no one has better ideas, and it’s just going to open the door to more delay.

      • right. I was listening to NPR yesterday, and a Republican Senator was complaining about how their “better ideas” had been shunted to the side. The thing is, all of the stuff they’re proposing (malpractice reform, letting people buy insurance across state lines) is just nipping at the edges.

        You’re right. Tonally the speech was pretty solid, though it’s becoming really clear that he’s really not trying to come within 200 feet of culture war stuff. He dedicated a sentence or two to DADT, and that’s it.

        • This is what I’m starting to wonder: Do we need the culture war stuff? It always seems to gum up the works. Oh, wait. . .

  • RtG

    Does the prez usually sign autographs on his way out? I don’t remember seeing this before. Totally threw me off. Seemed tacky. I dug the speech, tho.

  • I hope what he said about student loan debt forgiveness and lowering repayments to 10% of one’s income can be applied retroactively as well.

    I’m just sayin’.