‘The Knife Came Down, Missing Him By Inches, And He Took Off.’

by R.A.B.

Air America falls silent, and so my friend and former boss and fellow badass Megan Carpentier is back in the market for a writing gig. The year so far, for me at least, has been all about unemployment and liberal setbacks; this particular collision of both has shaken some talented, good people.

I’ve tuned into ‘On the Real’ and ‘The Inside Story’ on occasion, but I’m more familiar with Air America’s website than I am with their radio programming. Megan, Beau, Verena, Kenny, Ron are clever souls and clever writers (as if they need me to tell them this), and I trust they’ll type their way to better days. In the meantime, I’ve found that vodka makes me feel 30 percent more productive on weekdays, job or no job.

Long live Ana Marie. Long live Chuck D.

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