PostBourgie Podcast #1: The Inaugural Jawn.

We’ll skip the fanfare, but we’ve finally done did it, y’all. PostBourgie: The Podcast. It’s got a little silliness, a lot of politics, and a few bad jokes (mine, mostly).

Our first episode features Monica (you know her as quadmoniker), G.D., Jamelle, and me, your loving moderator, as we talk about the Harry Reid kerfuffle, the fall of Elizabeth Edwards, and Harold Ford Jr.’s possible bid for the Senate.

Click to play, click again to download.

PostBourgie: The Podcast – #1: The Inaugural Jawn

Key links:
Was Harry Reid Right?The Root
Saint Elizabeth and the Ego MonsterNew York Magazine
Interview with Harold Ford, Jr.The New York Times
Brother, I’m DyingEdwidge Danticat

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  • Well done. Ya’ll went IN on Harold Jr. Great point on the “ambiguous” race of Barack Obama.

    • Thank you.

      What’d you think of the sound quality?

  • Ron

    Exciting stuff. I’ll start playing now.

  • -k-

    At long last! Can we look forward to this as a regular feature?

    Shani and Monica both have great radio voices.

    • The podcast will be a bi-weekly feature, with each ep going up over the weekends.

    • Thanks! (Mulls new career)

    • shani-o

      Thanks! I was suppressing my Negro Dialect.

      • You sounded straight out of NPR, seriously

  • Alisa


  • Aisha

    1. My father uses ironic incorrectly on a daily basis.
    2. My sister says Oriental and I have beat her over the head.
    3. My bestfriend who lives in NYC never takes the subway. I hate it.
    4. The Pizza Hut buffet used to rock in 1988.

    • About No. 2: I was at lunch with my father this weekend and he used “Oriental” in passing conversation. I corrected him, and the next time he came that way again, he paused and then said “Asian.”

      I was proud of him for trying, ya know? But this drill has been going on for, oh, about 10 years or so.

      So I tend to side with Monica: It’s hard to change at a certain point. I know my dad’s intentions, so it makes me understand Harry Reid’s unfortunate word choice a bit more.

      • there’s also “Chinese” as a catchall term for all Asian-American people.

  • Ash

    This was very well done! You made some great points that have been overlooked by the mainstream media. I hate when some republicans try to throw “colorblindness” at people whenever race is discussed.

  • Ron

    I enjoyed this thoroughly. Thanks for putting it together at long last!

  • Random “Teaching Mrs. Tingle” reference aside, (still cracking up over that one) that was pretty awesome. Kudos all around.

  • blackink12

    Wow. That was really good. So good that I’m dealing with competing emotions at the moment: pride and jealousy.

    • belleisa


    • Ron


  • Good catch on the Liz Cheney comment during the Stephanapolous (sp?) Sunday morning roundtable, Jamelle. George Will was all like, “Why is it racist? What about the comment makes it racist?” And then Cheney, the racial-novice, is all like “Oh please George. He mentioned the president’s skin tone! That’s clearly racist!” SMH!

  • R.A.B.

    PostBourgie > Slate + NPR

  • keke

    Just finished listening to the podcast. Well done to all of you!! I think you touched on some great topics, the conversation was great. The sound quality was really good as well. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Yay! I agree, Shani has an awesome radio voice. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • R.

    Great show, would listen again!

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