PostBourgie Podcast #1: The Inaugural Jawn.

We’ll skip the fanfare, but we’ve finally done did it, y’all. PostBourgie: The Podcast. It’s got a little silliness, a lot of politics, and a few bad jokes (mine, mostly).

Our first episode features Monica (you know her as quadmoniker), G.D., Jamelle, and me, your loving moderator, as we talk about the Harry Reid kerfuffle, the fall of Elizabeth Edwards, and Harold Ford Jr.’s possible bid for the Senate.

Click to play, click again to download.

PostBourgie: The Podcast – #1: The Inaugural Jawn

Key links:
Was Harry Reid Right?The Root
Saint Elizabeth and the Ego MonsterNew York Magazine
Interview with Harold Ford, Jr.The New York Times
Brother, I’m DyingEdwidge Danticat

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