Thoughts On ‘Wonderful World.’

Via Alyssa, who says this is “like a Judd Apatow movie got stuck in a blender with a movie about a couple of Magical Africans.”

I invite you to view the trailer for Wonderful World. (Video is out of sync, but that doesn’t make it worse.)

My thoughts:

1) I really like the woman, but Sanaa Lathan can barely act with an English accent. Whatever vaguely West African thing she was going for isn’t quite doing it. Add this to her stint on The Cleveland Show and she’s working her way out of my goodwill.

2) Matthew Broderick as a sadsack (okay, believable) who has sex with a magical negro (imported all the way from Africa) who is living with him because her sick brother is his roomie? And then we get the shot of her doing some sassy dancing…which makes him discover something about himself. Namely, that he wants to have sex with her. Or something.

3) Maybe this is just some elaborate joke being played on us by the God of Tropes?

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  • blahblahblahblahblah OMAR!!!!!

    • Omar’s also going to be in “The Road.” He’s busy.

      • The cannibals gonna be bearing down on Viggo Mortensen and his son, and then Omar gonna walk out of the forest whistlin’, and then the cannibals gonna run, like “oh, shit! Omar comin’!”

        ^^^^^treatment for the best movie ever.

  • Wait. Is this movie straight-to-video? What the hell is up with this trailer?

  • kjo

    this is AWFUL. she sounds like natasha (from boris and natasha … rocky and bullwinkle, anybody?).

  • OMAR!!

    Um…yeah, I got nothing else. Between Sanaa’s accent (I agree with kjo, ain’t nothing even vaguely west, east, north or south African about that accent); and the whole Magical Negro/Negress Shows White Man Life is Worth Living theme going on; and an actual character called The Man (I did hear that correctly right?)….I can’t with this movie. I can’t. And I shan’t.