Barack Obama Hates Black People?

Could someone please square this circle for me?

Dishonesty is Steele’s M.O.; he’s leaving out a lot of context. Corzine, the governor from across the river to whom Steele compared Paterson, is still unpopular, and he still trails by about seven points in the polls — maybe just out of striking distance for an election about six weeks away, but since the race is competitive it doesn’t make sense for the White House to cut him off at the knees when he still has a decent shot at holding on to his seat.

But it’s pretty hard to overstate just how unpopular David Paterson has become here. His approval numbers have seemingly bottomed out at an abysmal 20 percent — where they’ve rested for months now — and a Marist poll from last week found that 70 percent of New Yorkers felt like he shouldn’t run at all. (Paterson was always a lightweight, stumbling forward on his family’s name and connections, so perhaps none the mess he’s made of his governorship isn’t too surprising in hindsight.) He’s likely to face Andrew Cuomo, the state’s enormously popular A.G., and when Paterson loses that race (and he will lose), his hapless tenure in Albany might drag other state Democrats down with him. And since that election is over a year away, it makes sense for the White House to put the clamps on his campaign early, before money is being wasted, the primaries get nasty and while the stakes are still low.

Back to Steele. I’ve been trying to find his poll numbers inside the party, to little avail. But they can’t be very high; his public appearances are  embarrassing debacles (“I’m not trying to be nuanced!”) and it almost seems as if he’s making up his talking points on the spot. Who, exactly, is amenable to the suggestion that a popular black president is selling out an unpopular black governor because the latter is…black? The Republican base, who are always so concerned about racism? Obama’s black supporters?

Damn, this cat is out of his depth.



Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.
  • keke

    This is why I have a problem with Michael Steele and the repubs. Its bad enough that the Repubs don’t want to acknowledge the problems that the party has when it comes to race. I am not saying that the Dems are perfect but they are way ahead of the repubs. Michael Steele barely touches race at all. He’s fine with Barack the Magic Negro( and I don’t care if it was written by a black person); he does not condemn (at least not to my knowledge) the nonsense of Glen Beck, Rush, Hannity, or some of the signs we have seen at the tea parties and rallies, he does that stupid pandering and talks “slang” on television. Then when he finally brings up race, its to accuse Obama of being discriminatory against Patterson because he is black and not because he is a bad Governor! Its a head shaker cause I don’t know who this appeals to. He must think it appeals to black conservatives within the party, cause I cannot see how this appeals to Obama’s black supporters. I know that he is trying to paint Obama as a sellout but seriously, this is just ridiculous!

  • Amy

    It doesn’t look like Patterson will listen to Obama.

  • lajanegalt

    He did try to dismiss Rush a little bit and was slapped back into place.

    This guy is painful to watch.