He finally did it! Click to watch Damon Weaver interviewing Barack Obama in a video posted Thursday night. Watch, and try not to cry . . .

  • belleisa


  • Damon Weaver, FTW!

  • lol: “President Obama is now my homeboy. Is very tall and nice.”

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  • slg

    I LOVE that Obama treated him like any other interviewer, took his questions seriously, didn’t condescend. Awesome.

  • Adorable. Love the suit pants pooling around his ankles. Tee-hee.

  • “Now that I interviewed you, would you like to become my homeboy?” Aside from the utter adorable disingenuousness of this, there’s also the “omg, he *is* a real reporter!” joke….

  • rikyrah

    I loved this. simply loved it. loved that his suit was too big. loved that he was nervous. just loved the whole thing.