Sotomayor to be the Nominee.



UPDATE. More on Sotomayor:

Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog predicts what we can expect in the leadup to the confirmation hearings. He also has a handy round-up of her apellate opinions.

Ambinder details how Sotomayor, who had been at the top of the president’s list from jump, ended up being the pick. He also gets his hands on a copy of the White House’s plans to pitch the nominee to the public. The right is already ramping up its response, which is basically their “unqualified minority” boilerplate.

The rarely satisfied Greenwald is…satisfied. (Greenwald was one of Sotomayor’s most vocal defenders after Jeff Rosen’s sloppy, unprofessional hit-job on her a few weeks back.) He also points to Charles Krauthammer on Fox News, who said Sotomayor’s “concern for certain ethnicities override justice.” Oy.

Nate points out that Sotomayor was easily confirmed in 1998 for her current judicial post by the Senate, and the senators who are still serving from that time voted to confirm her 35-11.

Huckabee calls her ‘Maria.

Oh, and she’s a diabetic.

UPDATE 2. Canavan has more helpful links.

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  • quadmoniker

    I’m really happy it’s Sotomayor, I’m just worried about the idiocy we’ll have to put up with until her confirmation.

  • Feeling as teary-eyed and proud as I did the day Obama was sworn in. This is a major step not only for Hispanics but for Latinas and Puerto Ricans.

  • I’m glad it’s Sotomayor. But in the same instance, I hate that she’ll have to go through the foolishness that is bound to ensue.

  • I’m surprised at how moved I am that a Puerto Rican woman has been nominated to the Supreme Court, especially since people have been talking about it for ages. But now that it’s happened, just, wow.

    I intend to read up on her this afternoon, but am letting myself just really enjoy the significance of the moment for now.

  • ladyfresshh

    oh boy! (she reminds me of my mommy)

    and now

    after reading some of her decisions…

    oh boy …this is going to be interesting

  • Arghh, why did it have to be a Puerto Rican? A Dominican, on the other hand, woulda been butta!

  • Scott

    Was it any surprise that Sotomayor got the nod? She is a perfect pick for Obama because she is a woman and a Hispanic, a twofer if you will. I wonder if in the future, her seat will now be claimed as the female Hispanic seat on the Court? Not to mention she seems to be a proponent of the legal school of identity politics with her 2001 speech saying “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” Is this the kind of Justice this country needs?