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  • Shayla B.

    I’m at a loss for words with that one…that child. Just re-enacted every baptist preacher I’ve ever met in my life and I couldn’t tell the difference.

  • -k-

    Beat me to it, Shayla. Haha.

  • Big Word

    Kids are like sponges. What’s sad is that the kid is probably gonna be promoted as some kind of miracle evidence of gods sure hand in their little church.

  • quadmoniker

    I can’t understand what that baby is saying. But he illustrates the only reason my sister and I enjoyed being inviting to our friends’ fundamentalist churches: kids have fun when they get to jump around and scream. Either way, I’m not sure I’d want to advertise that my message on the meaning of life and the great hereafter can be repeated by a toddler.

  • the black scientist

    diabolical baby possessed by howard dean, among others. my favorite part is the jumping.

  • z7evenpetalz

    I was raised Baptist and grew up in the “church” from a very young age. I’m 30 years old now and Agnostic…. a “Lost Soul” if you let my parents tell it. Now it could just be my “lost soul” talking but the only feeling I could muster up upon watching this video was a *shudder*. The only articulate words I can muster up upon watching this video is “this shit’s kinda scary to me honestly.” Ummm, but yeah…..either way, it literally SPEAKS VOLUMES… more ways than one. *shudder*